A camping trip

It was the summer after high school, and my girlfriend and I both had turned 18 and having some fun before college. We decided one weekend to camp at the lake. We barrowed a tent and set off to the lake. We got there late afternoon, set up the tent off to the side away from the other people camping. We decided to go to town, get a few supplies and get something to eat that evening. We bought the stuff we needed including some lights that strapped to your head because we new it would be dark soon. We stopped and had Mexican food and went back to the tent. It was around 9:30 and getting dark. We unloaded our stuff and got our lights. We then got ready to go to sleep. In the night my girlfriend woke me up saying she needed to go to the bathroom, and wanted me to go with her. I crawled out of the tent behind her and she only had on a long t shirt , I was wearing shorts. She got up and walked around behind the tent and back to the trees, we went just into the trees and next thing I knew she was hiking her shirt up and between her legs I could see a stream of pee, I should have turned away but I couldn’t stop watching, I had never really seen a girl pee. I was hard as I could be, when all the sudden I realize that she was not only peeing but she had squatted a little and was pooping, I had never seen this before and was mesmerized. She finished and said she was sorry I had to see her do that but she couldn’t hold it any longer. I was so horny by then I didn’t even realize I was stroking my cock. I was staring at her dirty little butthole, when she realized it she said when we got back to the tent she needed to wipe that she forgot some toilet paper. We started back to the tent, and when she got down on her hands and knees to crawl in, I put my hands on her hips and slid my cock up her dirty butt. We had done anal before, but something about this was better. I came harder than I had ever before, and so was she. We got in the tent and she wiped my cock clean with some wipes. I told her if she had to go again I wanted to go. That’s how I became a potty watcher.

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  1. Now she knows you enjoy it does she let you watch her all the time. Does she like watching you do yours ?

  2. My girlfriend and I were on a camping trip about that age, and we had to go, her pee and me poop, she peed outside and I pretended to be asleep and I pushed my poop into my underwear and pretended it to be a accident, she said honey wake up you just shit your shorts, I came too and acted like ahh honey I’m sorry, she was not happy, she left me soon after that, It was fun though

  3. I love your experience! Thanks for sharing! I would love to have dirty anal! Lucky girl and you finding out you like it with each other!

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