A camping trip 2

A couple weeks after the first camp out with my girlfriend, we decided to camp on a friend of mines property. He owns a large secluded area of farm ground with an area towards the middle with a creek running through it. Throughout the years camping out there with friends, we have built a fire pit from rocks and put a steel grate over it to cook on, an cut chunks of wood to set on, and a large stack of firewood.

We arrived there after going to the store to buy groceries and supplies. We had the truck almost completely unloaded when Jen told me she had to go to the bathroom. I showed here an area we had used before, and asked if I could go with her. She just giggled and said I could. I slipped off my shorts and underwear and so did she. I grabbed some wipes and followed her. She stood with her legs spread and started pissing, I moved close enough that she was pissing on my now hard cock, she said she needed to poop too, I walked around behind her and she bent forwards and steadied herself on a tree, bowed her legs and started pushing, her beautiful asshole was winking at me, I could resist rubbing my hard cock against it. She moaned and said it felt good, but made it hard to concentrate on pooping. I just kinda left it against here asshole, it felt weird it opening and closing against it. I then felt it open wide and warm poop start pushing against my cock. It felt great! I felt the first piece come out and I moved back and my cock had a brown streak down it. And a big piece of poop on the ground. I looked at her now dirty asshole and it was starting to open again, I watched as she finished pooping. Her asshole and area around it was now quite messy. I needed to piss badly and asked Jen if I could piss on her asshole. She told me I could if I wanted. I started pissing finally (hard to piss when hard) and she started moaning as my hot piss splashed against her asshole and her pussy, she started rubbing her pussy and clit. It wasn’t long before I was done pissing and was jacking off while watching her rub her pussy. We both came and hugged and kissed each other. Jen told me she was glad she had found someone who liked pissing and pooping as much as she did. I turned her around and took the wipes and wiped her ass clean.

We went back and finished unloading the pickup and I started cooking steaks, I had baked potatoes at home and wrapped them in foil to warm them in on the fire. We had our supper and I watched her piss again, Jen then asked if I needed to pee, I told her I did. She asked if she could hold my cock while I did, that she had always wanted too. I let her and it was amazing having her warm hand on my cock while pissing. As I was finishing she knelt down and began sucking my cock. She stopped long enough to tell me she had to clean it off. She sucked me for a little while and I had her stand up and turn around, I bent her over and began licking her pussy and asshole. After I licked her asshole a few times it started winking at me and I would stick my tongue in it. I continued this for a while then I placed my pre cum dipping cock to her winking asshole and eased it in. When we both had came we went back and set by the fire. I woke early in the morning, bursting to piss, I got up and went outside and pissed. I started adding wood to the fire and was setting there when Jen appeared from the tent and came over and set in my lap facing me, wrapping her legs around me. We were kissing and hugging when I felt a warmth in my lap and realized she was pissing, I didn’t think she would ever stop. I was hard as I could be, my cock was pushing against her pussy, she lifted enough to let my cock slip in. We had sex and it was amazing. When we were done she stood up and set back down on my lap with her back towards me, I was caressing her breasts when I felt her asshole start winking against my cock, and before I knew it she was pooping on my cock. When she finished we went to the creek for a bath.

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  1. Great story. You sound a very well matched couple.
    It must be really nice to have a partner you can piss and shit with all the time and who enjoys it as much as you.

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