A bit tied up

Harry slowly opened one eye, he didn’t want to get up yet. There was a faint urge to pee coming from his bladder but he could wait a while yet. In fact he enjoyed holding it a while, he loved doing a really forceful pee really loudly straight into the toilet bowl. He was lying on his back, naked as usual, but as he went to turn over he realised he couldn’t – both his arms were tied to the headboard. He looked up at his wrists. They were tied with a couple of his own ties – what the fuck..?
He remembered the cute ginger lad; he remembered having too much to drink in the pub; he remembered staggering home (with the cute ginger lad); and he remembered an athletic fucking session. He didn’t remember being tied up at any point… He looked across at the bedside table. His wallet had gone – the cheeky little fucker..!
Harry tried to move again but this time he realised his ankles were tied to the bedposts – he was spread-eagled across the bed, naked and with a piss-hard that was sticking straight up. His flatmate was away for the weekend and the urge to piss was getting stronger. He realised that there was a strong possibility that he was going to end up wetting the bed, something he hadn’t done since he was four years old.
He tried to think of something else to take his mind off the urge to pee but it wasn’t working. He started squirming on the bed – if his hands were free he could at least squeeze his cock, but as it was he was starting to get desperate. Thirty minutes later he was in agony – he could think of nothing else but needing to pee. Perhaps he could just let a little pee out and relieve the pressure… He relaxed and a huge squirt of piss shot up in the air, splashing down on his chest. The pain was still there, he was going to have to let out a bit more… He relaxed again but this time he couldn’t control it – a torrent of piss shot out of his cock, which was dancing about, and sprayed Harry’s chest, legs, face and even the wall above his head.
The relief literally washed over Harry and he sighed and groaned as the pressure subsided and just a trickle of piss was left to dribble from the end of his cock. He slowly realised with horror that it wasn’t over. All that pressure and then the relief had started something else in motion – he could feel a turd pressing against his anus. He didn’t know what to do to – the urge to push was strong but he really wanted to hold it back. He couldn’t shit the bed as well, could he? There was no real time for debate – the urge to push came again and he couldn’t hold it. A thick, glossy turd slid slowly out of his hole and coiled between this splayed thighs. He pushed again as a bit more shit squeezed out and he could feel its warmth under his balls. His cock was rock hard and Harry, for the first time in his life, suddenly shot six ropes of thick cum across his face and chest without touching himself.
He was tied to his bed and covered in piss, shit and cum. Oddly, he didn’t care – he was exhausted from all his efforts but he also felt strangely satisfied. Maybe he would try this again. If no-one untied him soon, he would have to…

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