A Birthday Blowout

I was helping out my grandmother and grandfather help setup my cousin’s birthday party whilst I had a huge urge to shit, but their toilet was having some problems lately so I had to think. I instantly got an idea when I saw a deflated balloon, I’m gonna shit in it loud and proud (with no one looking). I created diversion after my grandparents were done by telling them they should take a break to watch some TV, they instantly bought it and went to go watch TV. I covered the hole of the balloon over my asshole and I instantly sharted out a sloppy mess (basically a soft serve with the texture of diarrhea), then the balloon slowly grew the more farts that came out of my ass until it fully grew. I thought of bringing this balloon home so I can sniff it all day while I use a dildo on my asshole and possibly shit some more.

This exactly happened, after eating some cheesecake and chocolate milk. When I got home I did usual routine of eating my “scat special” consisting of: Sugar-free gummies, laxative-mixed milk, beer, double cheeseburgers, broccoli, and cheese. While eating the cheese I started farting constantly, when I was done I walked to my room to got my dildo and dirty balloon. After that I walked to the bathroom with the sight of my toilet my farts gained more loud and wet slightly staining my panties with fart juice, I took my clothes off and stuck my dildo to the wall. I rammed my ass over and over so fast my shit spread all over the floor, my ass, my feet, the wall, and my legs. It felt so good as the shit slowly lubricated my asshole so the dildo, when I was done I smeared the shit everywhere on my ass. After all that I grabbed my balloon, opened the hole and sniffed every smelly scent from inside. While I was sniffing I came with some piss making a small puddle on the floor, after all that I cleaned up the floor and went to the bathtub take a shower to get clean.

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