9 to 5

Huge thanks to messman for writing this out with me!

Boss calls a big meeting on the floor “Alright guys listen up!” He’s in his 40s, real handsome fellow, wearing a shirt and tie; he’s approachable to the younger workers.

“You’ve all probably heard about the construction in the building, and if you haven’t, well…the end news is that the johns are gonna be closed for at least a couple days.”

A huge wave of groans and sighs comes from the workers.

“Yeah, yeah, I know…but here’s the deal. You either hold it in or…don’t. Okay?” One of the workers, a stout man with a close cut beard and arms like cannons working out at the gym, looks up, puzzled. “Don’t hold it in? What do you mean, sir?” Boss chuckles. “If you can’t hold your business, Sanders, you…just go, man. You want me to spell it out?” Sanders blushed. He hadn’t gone in a few days and already he could feel a monster turd poking at his entrance. “But… Where would we be able to… change clothes? Would… Would we have to walk around in our-“Sanders gulped “our mess, sir?” “‘fraid so. Unless anybody here brought a change of suit?” And no one had.

“Hope you can make it Sanders…otherwise, just…get it done as quick as possible, and get through your job.” With that, boss broke up the meeting.

The business men left the meeting room in silence. Some were shocked by what they heard, but others were…tense with anticipation.

An hour into the work day, it was clear that they wouldn’t have to wait long to see someone test out the new rules. Barry, a scruffy faced intern, had a heavy weight in his bowels but at the moment his more pressing concern was his bloated bladder. It was a conscious effort for him to not scissor his legs back and forth, and he was quickly grabbing at his crotch out of desperation. As subtle as Barry thought he was being, the rest of the office was well aware of his situation by this point and we’re starting to joke about it. “Heh, you feeling the urge, Bar?” A coworker smirked over the cubicle divider as Barry walked by.

Other dudes weren’t mocking Barry…some were in the same position.

“Keep it up, man.” A tall, blonde customer service rep told Barry, gripping his own crotch. “If you make it to lunch, you can go find a toilet at some burger joint.”

While less…sympathetic coworkers snickered and placed bets on when the intern would crack and soak his khakis.

“$50 bucks he’ll be wet by lunch hour.”

“My ass…I’m gonna say $20.”

“20!? Asshole, come on…”

“You’re pulling a regular Barry.” One guy told his cubicle mate when he caught him gripping his crotch as he used the computer.

Barry’s ears burned walking past all these comments. The pressure kept increasing, and every soon every few feet Barry was stopping, bending forward with his crotch gripped tightly. He gasped as he felt the fabric underneath his hands become damp and warm. Pulling his hands away, Barry looked at the small wet spot on his khakis in shock. Sanders, walking by him, chuckled to himself as he saw Barry’s predicament. “Well I know a few guys who are about to lose a bet. Guess a naughty boy like you wouldn’t have been able to hold it for long, huh?” Sanders slapped Barry’s ass as he went by, and the jostling loosened his frantic hold on his bladder enough that the wet patch grew larger, as well as eliciting a loud dry fart into Sanders’s hand.
Barry sighed, and looked around at all his coworkers staring almost hungrily at him. There was no way he could do this without everyone watching. Still, a small part of him liked the attention he was getting. Muttering a swear under his breath, Barry said out loud “Damn, I hope they’re going to be paying the janitors extra for all this” and let open the floodgates. The crotch of his brown khakis turned dark, the wet spot growing larger as his stinking piss soaked into them. A large puddle was soon being absorbed poorly into the carpeted floor. During all this, Barry’s sphincter muscles relaxed from the force of his piss being pushed out, enough for a smelly turd log to slowly make its escape into Barry’s briefs. The loud trumpeting of Barry’s stinking dry farts announced the loads arrival as it pushes into the fabric, as thick as a beer can and from what Barry felt it was going to be twice as long. “Fuck!” Barry yelped, struggling to hold back the giant shit. In desperation he successfully pinched the loaf, but not soon enough to prevent the small but noticeable lump in the back of his pants.

The office had ground to a halt to watch the intern shamefully piss himself. Several guys groaned and shook their heads, while others raised their fists in victory.

Several of the guys looked on in desperate envy, pressing their crotches or clenching their holes…
“Hold on, hold on?” Darrel from accounting shouted out. “My bet was for Bar shitting, Luke. Somebody check him…did he shit?”

Sanders, feeling his own weighty movement squeezing his sphincter walls, crouched up behind Barry…examined the seat of his soaked trousers…

“Yup! Gentlemen we have shit in these pants, I repeat we have shit…” and several more men joined the chorus or groaning or shouting.

“Jesus…stinks…” Sanders moaned, plugging his nose as his one bowels shook…

“Aw fuck.” Barry sighed, his shame visible to all to see. He flinched as he felt sanders paw at his backside to confirm that Barry had followed through on that fart. As the others cheered as his pants status was revealed, Barry smiled meekly, his cheeks red. The sound of a soft fart caused him to turn around and see sanders still crouched down at ass height. “You sure that’s all you have in you? It’s going to be a long day, you might as well let it all out now.” Sanders said brightly. Barry shrugged, everyone seemed to be enjoying the show, so he figured he might as well continue to please. Bending his knees forward and arching his back, Barry started grunting the rest of his load out. The small bump grew into several baseball sized lumps, heavy and stinking. Inch by inch they stacked into Barry’s tight briefs, causing them to sag. Sanders watched in delight as the pants nearly bulged out to meet his face. The loud crackling could be heard throughout the room. Finally done, Barry stood up, his large bulging load jostling in his khakis. Wiping sweat from his brow, Barry proudly said “well it’s always better out than in!”

Many in the office hooted and clapped at Barry’s display, whistling at the size of the load stacked in his pants.

“Goddamn…” Sanders observed from the back, the mess spread and squished to his nose almost. It made the thick-armed man groan inwardly, and as he knelt, he felt his own asshole starting to flower open…

Barry could suddenly hear the sound of another shit load being emptied…he turned over his shoulder and was shocked to see Sanders squatting at his ass, red-faced as he pushed down on a thick, multi-day turd, planting firmly into his trousers and boxers, tenting them between his legs.

The thick load was painful, and Sanders grunted as he pressed down. “Like doin’ a godamn max rep!” He moaned, as the monster turd hit full resistance in his pants.

But he managed to press on, and weakly stood next the Barry; Sanders pants were now also bulging in the back– a single thick log like a tail stuffed down his shorts. He’d even left a solid piss stain on his crotch, a squirt from his grunting effort.

“Hey,” Sanders said, blushing under his trim beard. “Better out than in, right?”

And the rest of the office either groaned or cheered.

Others started to come up to the two stinking men, a few tentatively asking if they could feel their bulges, while others, mostly those who were in upper management, cheerfully groped and spanked Barry the interns ass. Another employee, a trim cut Italian with a short sleeve button shirt that revealed his hairy arms to all, decided to join in on the fun the two were having With a wet fart, his own load was much softer than he expected it to be, the consistency of pancake batter. Squashed flat against his boxer briefs, the load pushed out the back of the Italians pants as almost a bowl shape. the loud “SPLORCH” of wet farts expelling more semisolid material were continuous. As three pounds of shit nestles itself in the tan pants of the Italian, a large brown stain is already apparent. As the Italian sighed in relief, a trickle of piss began to stain his crotch as well.

“Man…Jesus! Raph!” Co-worker Donny–average height, stocky build, and dark-skinned– laughed and covered his nose. “You MESSED bro, big time!” Before reaching out to high five him.

Raph grinned and sat back down in his chair–the feel and sound of the squishing mess giving both the Italian and Donny shivers. Raph squirmed in his seat, making faces like a curious toddler at the feeling, before going back to his spreadsheets like nothing had happened.

Other men crowded around Barry and Sanders for a while, but eventually the office settled down.
Guys went back to work, and the day proceeded normally…expect for the growing smell of piss and shit filling the office floor. Dudes hanging out at the water cooler on break would joke and compare the size of each other’s loads…during a meeting with some of the upper management with presenter Samuel Thompson, the meeting room filled with the sound of cascading urine as Sam flooded his suit pants, the dark stain visible to all the senior men sitting at the table. Sam continued presenting this quarter’s profits with hardly a beat missed…several of the older gents were also feeling the closed toilet situation…and left the meeting with pissed or shit pants themselves, puddles under their seats or brown smears down the ass and legs of their pants.

Some men were comparing the size of their loads to others, giving each other playful spanks on each other’s quickly browning backside. So far the winner was an intern named Lou, a short kid with a bit of a gut and a five o clock shadow. He had loaded his pants several different times today, the first few long solid trains of shit grunted out slowly, others quick wet bursts of soft shit that squelched and oozed, soaking into the gusset of Lou’s briefs and warming his cock and balls. His bulge was nearly the size of a basketball and looked to others like it weighed 10 pounds. Lou had just started to squat again and was in the middle of expelling a semisolid shitlog into his khakis that were now heavily shit stained when the boss opened his office door. Boss had of course heard all about the exploits of his employees that day…although he had so far kept his pants clean. Some of the guys joked about a hidden executive bathroom, but most just thought the boss was missing out on some fun… but now he’d come out to play.

Boss peered out at the squatting Lou and chuckled… Walking out, he said “Boy, that is one huge load. No wonder they had to close the bathrooms–this fellow kept clogging the toilets!”

Many of the men laughed, their shit loads and pissed pants shaking. Boss looked around at the crowd of office workers and smiled.

“Alright boys, I see my little ‘experiment’ has been a success… why don’t all of you line up, and I’ll be happy to give you some…performance evaluations.”

The men were all so chilled and manly enjoying their toilet-free day, nobody even paid much attention to boss talking about an ‘experiment.’ The messy men lined up hurriedly, their loads bouncing in their pants as they moved. “Alright, you dirty pants pooping boys, turn around, lean forward, ass out!” The Boss ordered with a smile. His underlings quickly obeyed. As the men assumed the position, a few used this opportunity to finish their bowel movements, loudly grunting and farting as their dirty pants stretched out.

Boss started his evaluations with a sales rep named Tom. He was in his late 20s, a good-looking, tan, beefy guy who used the corporate gym a lot. His light navy pants were ballooned out with what had to be a couple pounds of semi-solid shit, which had been dripping down his legs all day, leaving brown trails.

“Well, well…somebody’s been a busy boy.” Boss said as he cradled the load under his palm, feeling the radiating warmth. “What do you have to say for yourself, mister poopy pants?” “I… I guess I couldn’t hold it, sir” stuttered Tom, blushing furiously. The Boss groping his poop bulge like that and talking to him in that way was doing something to poor atom. Needless to say, he hoped his other coworkers didn’t notice the massive erection he was sporting. Boss sure noticed.

“Heh…you LIKE being a pooping pants boy who can’t hold it in, don’t you Tom?” Boss chuckled before giving Tom’s load a solid SMACK which left a visible hand impression in the squished load.

And Tom wasn’t alone: as Boss went down the line of men who’d shit their pants, each one was left red-faced and sporting thick wood in his crotch. Boss’s strong, masculine hands groping their sensitive, agitated loads and asses…his playful chiding for their lack of control…being made to feel like naughty schoolboys being punished… It was an irresistible combination. Sanders, Barry, Donny, Lou, Raph…and others, all received their inspections in turn…

Boss’s hands were thoroughly smelly and stained as he ended the line.

“Alright men…looks like you all passed. Now, I want to see you all get right back to work tomorrow, okay?” The men nodded, grinning with their lust but also sheepish.

“Now, I’m about to make an important call…so keep it down…you dirty boys.” Boss smirked as he walked back to his office door, giving a heavy deep inhalation of the scent of so much man shit…

“Sir!” One brave soul called out. “Don’t you have to go to the bathroom?” Boss grinned, shaking his head. “Gentlemen…boys…I’ve had a SERIOUS urge to…join you all day…but for now…I…” Boss gave a loud, sputtering fart, scenting the air.

“I’m good…” and Boss shut the door.

Alone, he pulled down the blinds on his window before reaching for the phone. As he dialed and the phone rang, Boss reached down and stroked his rock-hard erection. He bit his lip as the other end picked up.
“Yeah?…yeah, it’s me. Uh huh. In fact…better than I ever thought. Morale is through the roof…those men are putty in my heads…yes…sales, customer satisfaction, all were up… yeah. I would definitely say it’s time to go try this whole ‘no toilets’ thing at the regional level…hell, national…uh huh…”

As Boss spoke, his stomach groaned and his bladder cried. Barely sipping a beat the conversation, Boss bore down and began viciously pissing and shitting his pants…hot golden piss flooding his pants, splattering onto his desk and shoes…brown mass loading down his pants, log after log grunted into the confided space between his ass cheeks and the fabric of his designer briefs…

Boss was a wreck when he hung up. Mess everywhere, hard as a rock, his office stinking…he could hear his men laughing outside his door…another joke…Boss smiled, and, rubbing his erection through his piss-saturated trousers, opened his door.

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  1. Brilliant. Can’t wait to read what happened next.

    I bet the workers had plenty to say about the state of the bosses clothes!

  2. What an awesome story! I normally like to think I have a vivid imagination but that scenario just never occurred to me. Mega hot!

  3. I could see a sequil that would have the office guys join in a circle jerk with their drawers dropped. Just sayin’ .

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