7 Turds to play with

I have a very extreme sexuality. I don’t call it a scat fetish because it’s more than that! Turd is a passion for me and I have what I call turd sexuality. That means I am only sexually interested by hot turd. I.m not in to any other sex including with people. It’s very rare and totally hot and disgusting! I’ve experimented with a few women years ago and had to accept the fact that I wasn’t interested and the only way I could get hard was to think of the hot turd sex that I was gonna have once I’d finished with the women. It was hard to fully accept years ago and after the fourth woman I was with I decided that enough was enough and I was only turned on by my own disgusting turds! These days not only do I accept it but I LOVE it and love feeling totally disgusting having 100% turd sexuality! I’ve turned many goodlooking women down and think about it afterwards when I’m having sex. I could be with a woman but I chose turd sex like I always do. t I will spend the rest of my life only having hot turd as my sexual partner! I’ve had thousands of turds and will have thousands more in my life. I made a mistake in having experiences with women and know I’ll never even think of experimenting with them. I call it experimenting cos it wasn’t sex to me. Sex to me is strictly with turds only! I’m very highly sexed have a high sex drive and have sex evey day almost. I’m just SO disgusting that I can ONLY get sexually stimulated from my own stinking turds! Anyway, lately I saved up 7 turds which took 5 days. I had to go without sex for the whole time of course and spent time masturbating over porn online. And yes my kind of porn is pictures of hot turds . I’m either covered in turd or masturbating over it. Finally after 5 long days I get in the shower feeling very excited by what’s going to happen. I start by picking up one turd and smearing my legs near my feet with it. I work my way up and make sure I’m totally covered in it. When my legs are covered I pick the second turd up and use it all to cover my disgusting scat cock with. I LOVE my cock being covered in hot turd and next I pick up turd number 3 and I smear my whole upper body arms aswell. I also love to smear my arse I love having a shitty bum! Turd number 4 I put all over my face till every inch is covered By now I totally covered in 4 turds from head to toe! I have 3 turds left, I use them to suck on. I put the first one in my horny scat mouth and the turd goes to the back of my thoat. I go up and down on it and am so hard and nearly orgasming from this. I don’t touch my cock as I don’t want to come and I ofter come from the amazing sex alone. I put the second turd in my mouth and do the same. I put the last turd on the shower glass and watch it slowly slide down. I crouch down and meet it as it slides and collect it in my mouth. I then try my best to put all 3 turds in my mouth. I swallow some and my mouth is totally bulging with hot disgusting turd. I then shit out the turd I have up my arse. I love doing this. Strange but I like to think the walls are watching. They aren’t quite sure what I’m smearing and eating? They think it may be shit but say to each other how it’s unimaginable and no one in the world id that disgusting. When they see the hot turd emerging from my ass they fully realise what I’m doing. I smear the further turd all over me and now have a weeks worth of beautiful hot turd all over my body and in my mouth.This was 1 of thousands of times I’ve had disgusting turd sex and I will have thousands more! I remember that time so well and I often masturbate to it. Sexually I was made to have sex with turds. My cock doesn’t get pussy and never will! He will have sex by being covered in my hot turd! My mouth won’t experience kissing with a woman or licking a pussy or pair of boobs. My mouth will experience sex like it’s always done by being full of disgusting turds. I have sex nearly every day and will ave until I’m dead! My sex life is the most disguting thing imaginable and consists of ONLY having sex with disgusting turds! There’s my story. Here’s a picture of something that excites me. I’ve made pictures of women besides a turd. I like to look at them both to really think about my sexuality. I can only get an erection from the turd of course and when I look at the woman I loss my erection. I really get off on this as it makes me think about what sex is to me. It makes me really think about my true sexuality and how if I had to chose between this woman and that turd then it wouldn’t even need thinking about. I’d chose the hot turd every time! It took time to fully accept that and I have had to come to accept it . I absolutely LOVE this now though and get off on thinking about my disgusting sexual preference. 100% TURD sexuality forever!!

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  1. Thanks but it’s not willpower and it’s not bullshit. I’m ONLY sexually interested in my shit!!!! I wouldn’t lie and it’ feels good to finally share. What can I say I only want to be sexual with my turds!! NOTHING else interests me!!

  2. you are a man after my own heart. I too have turd sex.when I am about to have a shit I start to get so horny.kissing,licking a nice firm turd makes me so horny. I then have to smear it all over my cock and jerk off while eating a nice mouthful of shit.like you I have done this lots of times. fucking my shit when it is loose is fantastic. I enjoy fantastic orgasms. I don`t find my hobby disgusting at all. I absolutely love it.

  3. Nothing at all wrong with wanting to make love to your turds versus a woman. Accept your sexuality for the beautiful thing that it is. If fact, you should perform a commitment ceremony for your relationship with the turds to recognize your lifelong commitment to sex with turds.

  4. I am with you one hundred percent. I will take a good turd over a women any day. They don’t whine and rip you off and nothing beats the feeling of a fresh shit lubricating your cock as you wank yourself to orgasm. They also taste better than most women too.

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