5 Quarts!

So yesterday late at night I really had wetting on my mind because it had been about a week or so since I last wet myself, so I decided on making it a nice night. 🙂 From around 1-2am through the time I went to work (10am), I drank a total of 5 quarts of water. I had did this before when I started getting into deliberate wetting and I totally forgot the effect it had on me. I remember when all the water finally caught up to me and I was pissing like every 3-5 minutes and it was very hard to control. I totally didn’t even think about it until I was like halfway into it last night. Well, needless to say I had a lot of fun not only wetting my shorts a few times, but totally soaking a diaper and then finally wet my pants with like 6 major floods! About an hour before work I was concerned that I may have to wear a diaper to work, but after I gave another medium sized wetting in my already soaked pants, I seemed to go back to normal and I figured I could go without a diaper at work. Funny that all throughout working, I was worried about having an accident even though it wouldn’t matter because I was wearing black shorts and also all my co-workers know I used to have bladder problems and have the occasional accident still even though it hasn’t happened at work in a long time. But yeah, no accidents happened and I was peeing like normal instead of every 5 min.s like I was worried about. So yeah, thought I would share with you guys. 😀

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