4 decades and counting!

I was thinking about this the other day… I’ve been doing this for over 40 years! Yes 42 years to be exact. I started with my official pants poop when I was 15, not counting earlier experiments. Since then I had countless loads in my pants, too numerous to count, but some really are memorable.

Walks home from work are at the tops of my list. These days would mean holding all day, usually on a Friday, which meant I was desperate for a poop by the time I left the building. The minute I was out of sight and on the road, I would unzip my fly, with my belt holding my pants, walk along and push. The loads would be quite large then, being younger and all, and definitely pants-filling. By the time I got home, I would be quite messy, sometimes due to sitting and squishing. others just from the walk.

Fridays though were not always the poop day. Sometimes Wednesday and Thursday too, along with a Friday, were pants filling days. I would wear the same stinky underwear these three days and fill them on the way home from work.

Then there was the woods near my house. The old woods had paths, a pond, and lots of sitting places in pastures. It was in one of the pastures that I had my official, in my underwear, pants poop. That was back in April 1976, and I still haven’t forgotten that day.

Other poops were just what I called poop-walks where I would go out for a walk after school or work just to shit my pants. I’d walk along and push a little at a time until my pants were full. I would dump the load on the ground, not bother to wipe, jerk-off, and go home with stinky pants. These walks lead to other more interesting days as I biked around the area.

The weekends in the spring through early autumn were bike riding days. I’d work all week and go out on a Saturday ready to burst. Some Saturdays I’d get up ready to pee, but hold that as well, and by the time I got my bike ready I was dribbling in my pants and on the ground. This lead to pants pissing times as well, though not as frequent.

Then there are those bike shorts! Spandex, and Lycra became a staple of my pooping wear, and has remained a big part of my messy times today. The stretchy, tight pants make the pooping and pissing more erotic as it squishes and pushes everything tighter in the pants. The Lycra pants too are great for pissing as they get shiny and smooth as they get wet. They also dry nicely and no one knows the better or worse than we do after wetting.

So there was the bike rides. I’d head off ready to shit to a favorite place and enjoy my time filling, squishing, and jerking off. I wouldn’t bother cleaning up, though, sometimes I would dip in a swimming hole, or river and let the load float away as I cleaned up. I’d put the wet underwear back on, which would make me hard again, and ride off.

And then is now. Things have slowed down, being older and in a less than ideal environment, but still I have gotten a few good ones in my pants in these years. We have a few parks and a river to walk near, and there are places to bike ride. I’ve done a few good ones along the river and walked home with a good load more than once. The river also has other nice sightings as well including guys shitting themselves, other guys with tight pants, and other pissing in the river. There was one fisherman who changed from his jeans to his boxer briefs in the wide open as he put on his waders. Oh, what a sight! I blogged that after it happened. I was on my way home with a pant load when I saw that! I’ll never forget this young dude!

At the present time, as I write this, I’m sitting in my wet and stinky pants. I have on a pair of old tighty whities I found in my draw. I can’t even tell the brand because the label has faded, and they’re not FTLs or Hanes. They’re a bit tight, and I’m hard as a rock from shitting.

Time to jerk and clean up.

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  1. Awesome story!!! You said you saw guys shitting themselves at the river? Would love to hear about that and did you ever approach them?

  2. No I didn’t they looked a bit scruffy, perhaps drug addicts which are common in my area. I just sat by the river, very hard, and watched them do their thing.

    One of them kept leaning forward and touching his butt, then bending his knees and squirming. You know as well as I what he was up to. He then bent his knees again, and stayed that way for a minute or two, then went about his business again like nothing happened. I blew a load right there in my shorts!

  3. It’s fun to read other people’s stories about their fetishes! I don’t do the public pants pooping thing because I was severely shamed as a child by many people, including peers, and they using social pressure, ostracism – around elimination practices. I was even shamed for having to shit at all! Which led to my intense interest in bodily functions – just out of rebellion. So I always take “secret” pleasure in pooping my pants

    I love the “memorable shits”. I have had a few in my time and they were quite amazing. I may write about that!

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