3am wet bed

one morning about 3am i woke slowly to a bursting bladder but was too tired to get up & still half asleep. i then woke again to the warmth of my piss trickling out into my silky basketball shorts. i woke even more & started to get a hard on & laid on my back. i still didnt wanna get out of bed so i let some hot piss out slowly & i started to feel warmth & wetness around my butt on the mattress & the thought of my mattress getting wet turned me on more. so then i said fuck it & just let it all go & it kept flowing & flowing. and after a minute or so i was laying in a warm wet puddle of piss soaking slowly into my mattress. i turned over on my stomach & started to hump my pissy bed & i shot a big load in my shorts. after that i have wanted to meet guys to come over & have desperation accidents in my bed. so far ive had 5 or 6 guys do it & my mattress has the yellow piss stains to prove it. when i look at  the mattress i get instantly hard. 

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  1. I like to stop guys from getting out of my bed for a piss in the night too. I have a plastic mattress cover in place always and some old towels handy to soak up the puddle.

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  3. i finally did it, i had been reading stories and watching vids, so i put on a clean pair of white cotton briefs and a pair of pj bottoms,so i went to bed about 3 or 4 in the morn i had to go so i let a trickle cum out, all i thought about was doing it so i rolled on my stomach and let it go, it felt so good laying in all that warm pee

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