31 Day Briefs

Well this is my first blog, so I’d thought I’d give it a whirl.

I know a few people will find this arousing and others less so, but here it is anyway.

After my “22day CK challenge” video https://www.poopeelife.com/members/sc/media/115326/ I was dared to exceed my 22 days and try a whole month!

so i have – you can find my pics on my profile.

I must admit it wasn’t as easy as it looks. There are 2 definite incidents. One incident was an over zealous fart that ended up touching cloth and the second was a shortage of paper in a bathroom at work, just after i’d taken the sloppiest dump imaginable!


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  1. 31 days…. !!! WOOWW… congrats man !

    My personal record is just a bit shorter : 4 weeks (28 days) with the same, unwashed skitight Spandex boxer !

  2. Would have loved to have sniffed them afteryou wearing them that long why I rubbed my crouch to shoot hot spunk in to my boxers.

  3. I go wild, intensely perved and kinky seeing guys i n their dirty undies.
    Crotch, nut and azz stink wafting from a guys pants. Sweaty, pissy, sht skidded or worse.
    I wear mine all week, longer on request, Have others worn and never washed now, months old.
    Crave pitted out, ripe workout shirts too.
    any traders

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