3 Years Since I Last Played

For the past 3 years I’ve been living with no privacy, and therefor no opportunity for enjoying my fetishes. On the 1st of July, it’ll be the first time I live alone in 3 years, and in the last weeks, I’ve been thinking about how close I am to starting to enjoy poop again.

The other night, despite the chances of me being caught, I had a little fun. Watching videos on here wasn’t enough to satisfy me, I wouldn’t be able to last for another month. At first I had only planned on having fun with piss, to eliminate the smell and still have a little fun to help me last. But things escalated…

I placed a towel in a plastic bag (to avoid loosing any pee) in the corner of my room to use as a toilet that evening. It was very stressful to know someone could enter the room, but luckily no one peeked that night. I proceeded to drink a ton of tea and peed on the towel all evening until there was a puddle when I sat. That last time I peed, I think the third time, I started to feel a little poop push. I was already hornier than I’d been in the last three years just by sitting in a puddle of my own piss, and when I’m that horny, I don’t really consider the aftermath or if I could get caught.

I checked inside my ass with a finger and there was a indeed a little gift waiting. At that time of day, I never really have to go, so I knew it wouldn’t be a big morning coffee poop, but I was still extremely aroused. I sat back in there and forced a little more pee out, I knew it would push the poop as well, and I hoped it would come out (while simultaneously being terrified of being caught).

When it finally came out, I completely forgot about the fact I could get caught any second, I forgot about everything around me. Sitting next to it and the smell hypnotised me. Just that was enough to almost make me cum, that’s how bad I missed playing with poop. I had to think of something fast that didn’t need much clean up, I decided to rub my clit against the little poop. Wow. It was amazing. I then had a huge orgasm.

I thought that would satisfy me a little until next month, but it only made it worst… It will build up so bad the videos I will put up after July 1st will be some nasty stuff.

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