3 unfortunate guys

Okay so one time I was in a public washroom, there were 2 stalls, one was out of order and the other was being used by me. Nothing like unloading in a public washroom. So the place is empty and all of a sudden this guy races in and tries pushes on both stall doors…but of course both are locked. I could hear he breathing hard and swearing to himself. Then I heard the his stomach rumble loudly and the sound of his voice kind of whimpering like a kid. He was pacing outside the door and muttering to himself, almost in tears. I grabbed some paper and started wiping up knowing that this guy was needing to really shit. He knocked on the door and asked if I would be done soon I told him I was done and then I heard him fart LOUDLY.He went silent. I opened the door and he stood there holding the back of his pants, his legs pressed together a splat of shit at his feet. He shuffled into the stall and locked the door. Too late.

Another time I was having a pee in a restroom at a mall. Both stalls were occupied. This older guy rushes in, tries both stall doors, grabs his gut, looks and me, apologizes and undoes his belt, backing up to the urinal next to me. He exploded. Like his whole body went into kickback as he shit out his high pressure load. He pulled up his underwear, apologized again and went to get some paper towel to wipe his ass. He made it to the sink and then farted again, rushed back to the urinal but didn’t make it. He shit the seat of his pants with one huge rip of a fart. He obviously couldn’t control himself and let wave after wave hit him. I felt bad but I had to get out of there. There was shit everywhere by the time I washed up.

Last one, I was in a stall having a dump and this guy comes in, slams the door shut, hurries to get the seat wiped off. I can hear him muttering, then he says, “Uh oh”…farted twice out of control and just as he is turning around to sit he shits himself….awesome.

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  1. I’ve used doorless stalls and seen guys who were obviously horrified at the thought of using one drop their jeans and unload. They are desperate and know it’s now or in their underwear. I’ve also seen some guys take off, to look for a stall with a door. I wonder if they make it….. Great story, though.

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