3 Accidents in 2 Weeks – Accident #3

This was last week, the final week in work before having much needed time off and a fairly free day in the calendar meant that my mind had wandered to more interesting places.

I’d recently discovered a friend shares much of the things I enjoy, in a PPL kind of way, and was chatting to him and things inevitably turned to diapers, the fact I was wearing one and the fact that I hadn’t been to the loo yet at all.

So he tasked me with going for my usual walk and seeing how long I could last before my ruined ass muscles would give up and I’d just shit my diaper in front of whomever was walking by at the time.

We kept in contact via WhatsApp and he told me that, if I didn’t have an accident before 2/3rds through i would have to shit myself regardless – either way I wasn’t coming back clean it seems!

Needless to say that, with my ass as loose as it is I barely managed half way before I lost the battle and pooped the diaper. I made videos throughout for my friend so he’d know I was obeying the rules. I also pissed so much, idk how the diaper didn’t leak.

All the way back I kept pushing trying to get as much out as possible that hadn’t already called out. It turned out what I was pushing out in there was just my growing prolapse and as I got home there’s wasn’t as much mess as I’d thought. Enough for a smeared ass though.

I got back and had a meeting where I had to sit there on Teams in my soaked dirty diaper with my ass rosebudding out.

What a happy accident – always good when your friends are there for you!

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