3 Accidents in 2 Weeks – Accident #2

Needless to say that if you’ve been following my stories over the years I’ve gone from tight teen having “accidents” to wrecked tween having accidents – my second accident in two weeks happened on a longish walk… With people everywhere!

With the kinky twitter meaning I’m more horny than ever I have been really breaking my hole and the results have been fulfilling, or at least pant filling.

I’d set out for the walk with no plans for anything more than a walk. Boxers, joggers and a coat as normal. I hadn’t got about 20mins in when I felt the need to poo rapidly make itself known. The walk along the river is a big loop and usually the paths are quite busy with bikers, walkers and families, not the most private of places to shit yourself! But that’s what was going to happen…

Maybe 30mins in I started to lose it. I can’t tighten much anymore and once it reaches a certain point, nature is going to do its thing. As the people were walking by it starting coming, it was soft and a lot. It was sliding out and smushing everywhere. I was trying not to let on to everyone else that this twenty something twink smiling back was actually filling his boxers from a destroyed hole.

I did have to stop walking and lean against a lamp post just so I could let the rest of it all come out, I hadn’t shit this much in ages as I normally douche each morning. Luckily my joggers are a bit baggy otherwise the huge bulge out the back would have been a dead giveaway. Not sure how much they did for the smell though for those behind, and I was still walking funny!

I waddled the remaining 30mins back home, praying the housemates were out so they wouldn’t see (or smell) me. When I got up to the bathroom the mess was horrendous! Walking all that way meant my peachy white cheeks were now brown and my pants were destined for the bin rather than the wash!

Little did I know just a couple of days later a friend would challenge me and my ass muscles to a diapered outdoor test…. Accident #3

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