3 Accidents in 2 Weeks – Accident #1

Since starting my kinky twitter a couple of weeks ago I have been really going to town on my poor loose ass – and the results speak for themselves as I’ve had not 1 but 3 genuine accidents in the past 2 weeks! This is the first one which happened in the Post Office.

I’d been wrecking my ass a lot in pursuit of my prolapsed incontinent goal and also been wearing diapers more too, mostly for fun (for now). So I thought I’d pad up and head off for some life admin while skiving off working from home.

I put on some black trackies and a hoodie and went to the post office to send off some Christmas parcels. There was a queue as always. The queue made wearing the diapers really hot, like who would think a cute 20 something would be diapered up in front of them? Well, the woman behind me may have begun to realise just that as I’m 90% sure she saw the top of my diaper as I bent down to pick something off a low shelf. She gave me this funny look and tbh I couldn’t decide if I was embarrassed or turned on by her noticing.

By the time I’d got to the cashier I needed to pee so thought I’d have a bit of fun and start peeing while talking to him. No one knowing that I was literally pissing myself was such a thrill.

But, my rather ruined anal muscles has other plans. As I relaxed to pee quite a big amount of poo slipped out and I could do nothing to stop it. So now I was stood there at the front of the queue in a diaper that was rather well used!

At this point I could have gone home, but thought I’d already started so might as well carry on and did some other errands. While I was in the supermarket I had another accident and fresh shit fell from my broken hole and there was quite the smush going on back there and I was beginning to wonder if I maybe smelt a bit now too!

I waddled home in a diaper on the edge of leaking piss and very full of my accidental poos. When I got in the mess was way more than I thought and I had to really shower it off as it had gone all over me twinky ass.

Little did I know the next week or so that this would just be the start….

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