2015-12-10 Wetting myself and my diaper

When I got home from work, I was desperate for a piss. I thought about how pleasurable it would be to relieve myself if I dashed into the washroom.

I was horny, too, so instead of having my piss and proceeding with the evening as usual, I decided to push myself. I turned right around in my entryway and decided to go run some errands.

I went to get my hair cut. The entire time I was sitting in that chair, I fought the impulse to jiggle my legs to distract myself from the urge. After that I went to purchase a few groceries.

By this point, I was feeling horny enough that I was about as desperate to get off as I was to take a piss. I hurried home.

I live alone, and home is a place where I often fool around with piss and shit and diapers. I’ve lost count of the number of soiled pants, piss puddles and diapers I’ve gone through.

My body took this as implicit permission to defy me. As I was taking my wallet and keys out of my pockets, I started pissing myself, just for a second until I realized what was happening and stopped myself.

I dashed upstairs and hurried to pull off my work pants. Just as I was tossing them into the washing machine, it happened again: piss spurting uninvited out of my urethra.

I reached down to manually stanch the flow and decided that if I was this out of control, I’d best get myself into a diaper. I went into the bedroom and pulled off my gray boxer briefs. I was a little pleased about the large wet patch on them,

As I pulled open a Molicare soft cloth brief, I started wetting myself again. Several drops of piss spattered onto the floor before I could stop myself.

I hurried to put on my diaper. I started relieving myself as soon as the cloth was between my legs. By the time the diaper was fastened, I was done.

I put my wet underpants back on over the diaper and pressed all that wet cloth into my skin, moaning at the pleasure.

All that was left to do was jerk off. I was more than happy to slide my hand into my wet diaper and do so.

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  2. I’ve wet myself at the door holding back piss. My favorite is to get desperate and once in the house put on a diaper and soak it full with piss then just wear it for hours until it gets cold. I live alone too so doing things in my pants or diapers is not a problem . If I could have it my way I would want a pretty girl to live with so she would have to change my pants or diapers after I go in them.

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