2015-10-14: a buddy dump


Today, I enjoyed a buddy dump for the first time in many years. The only regret is that I was not able to reciprocate at the time. My dumping partner had been holding for about 18 hours and assured me he was OK to do so. As we had only ever communicated online for about two weeks before meeting, I suppose there may have a mutual apprehension about the other person’s feelings and intentions. As it turned out, any such feelings were totally unfounded and the activity proceeded with a minimum of fuss and maximum enjoyment for all involved.

I prepared well for the event, packing my shit shovel, mirror and camera. We met and my partner directed me to an area of bushland about 10 minutes’ walk away. Not long after, I was able to select a location suitable for the dump. I produced my shovel and proceeded to excavate. The ground was particularly hard, but my persistence resulted in a decent hole. A layer of crushed leaves was placed at the bottom, then I invited my friend to position his anus over the hole.

He had already removed his lower clothing and performed a “hover squat” – not flat-footed but with his heels off the ground. I enquired if he was comfortable in that posture and he confirmed he was, so I prepared my camera for filming and got into position. This was the first time I had ever been this close to another person’s anus. Unlike my own orifice, my friend’s anus was virtually hairless, so dingleberries would not be a problem for him.

After a few seconds, a small dribble of shit slipped out, followed by a slightly larger piece, then a crackling sound as the floodgates opened and a torrent of semi-loose shit flopped into the hole. My friend’s aim was bullseye perfect as the shit hit the centre of the hole and filled it neatly about 10mm from the top.

When he had finished, I squatted in front of the hole and took a still photo. Then I hitched up one leg of my shorts, pulled out my penis and rolled back my foreskin. I had held in my morning piss for this moment and proceeded to anoint my friend’s fresh load of shit with a torrent of urine, as he watched. I did not record my urination.

When I was done, I tried pushing my anus to see if there was any chance of some action, but there was no response. I apologised for my impotency.

After I covered up the hole, we watched the video I had made and I gave him a copy of it. I promised him that I would not share this video with anyone unless he gave me permission to do so.

Soon after this, we separated and the meeting was over. We have agreed to do this again probably next week, and I will wait until I am “pregnant” before arranging logistics.

Six hours later, I was hit with a series of incredibly strong whemy waves which left me in no doubt that my anus was ready to deliver. I am pleased to report that my continence defence system was not compromised despite the frequency and force of these waves. There must have been a dozen or so in a 30 minute period.

I had decided to go grocery shopping anyway, so I grabbed my shovel, mirror and camera and went to the shops. The whemy waves subsided and on my return from shopping, I detoured to an area of thick scrub.

Less than 2 minutes’ walk from the car, I found a fallen tree with a V-branch perfect for squatting on. The ground here was much softer than at the other location in the morning, and I had dug a good sized hole within a minute or two. I removed my shorts and squatted on the V-branch. I had to spend a few minutes adjusting mirror and camera angles (a constant source of frustration), but once that was sorted, I relaxed and waited for the show to begin.

Surprisingly, given all the intense whemying less than an hour before, it seemed that the shit had suddenly become shy. Peristalsis eventually kicked in, and my anus opened up nice and wide to reveal the end of a smooth turd which moved out authoritatively. After about an inch of this turd had come out, there was an “explosion” of gas. The turd fell into the hole and a large quantity of soft-serve shit poured out of my anus, filling the hole just like my friend’s shit had done in the morning. I took the still photos, then filmed a rather short urination. I had urinated separately about 90 minutes before this, which explains the small quantity of urine on this occasion. Covering up the hole, I enjoyed a nice after-shit feeling in my anus.

All in all, a very good scat day. Looking forward to sharing a time with my new buddy dumping partner when I can show him my anus at work as well.

If there is anybody in Brisbane who would like to buddy dump with me, please contact me on here.

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