This shit is memorable for its aftereffects. The first whemy was felt at about 0630 and a slightly looser faecal viscosity was detected. Plans were made to release this sooner rather than later, primarily to enjoy the increased sounds associated with looser stools exiting the anus. It had been noted that anal produce for the last few months had been on the firmer side, and, while this is not a health concern, it does significantly reduce the aural sensations. A desire to hear some beautiful anal singing led to the decision to drop the load quickly.

A location was found in the beautiful pseudo-rainforest settings of Edenbrooke Estate, adjacent to Oldfield Road. Recent rain had made the ground soft and a cavity was easily excavated directly behind a conveniently fallen tree, which provided a perfect squatting point. There was no mirror, but tested camera angles alluded to a near-perfect view of the anus in excellent focus. Very thrilled with the performance of this new camera.

Peristalsic waves had subsided since the initial burst, although a few weaker waves had been easily resisted prior to the appointed time. Significant pressure was required to stimulate the rectal nerves into peristalsis, as the shit was still quite young in its retention and certainly not expecting to move as early as this. A brief standoff with the bladder was won with a series of short, strong pushes, followed immediately by an equally strong pullback. These anal exercises started the shit moving and the anus began to open. Peristalsis was insufficient to keep the shit moving, so additional pressure was required to push it out.

Unfortunately, no significant sounds were heard as the shit exited the anus. A pleasing muffled drop as a turd fell into a soft bed of leaves at the bottom of the hole. A second turd fell out, then recording stopped and still photos of the results were taken.

Repositioning back on the squat but this time facing the hole, the foreskin was peeled back and camera positioned in preparation to film the urination. This was only a small quantity, but the sound of the stream on the fresh turds was nice to hear.

The hole was filled in with leaves and dirt and the defecator walked off to attend to the business of the day.

Eight hours later, a strangely stinging sensation emanated from the anal area. Investigation by squatting naked over a mirror revealed a thin coating of shit extending about 3-5cm around the anus, and a definite red tinge of the skin in that area. Normally, the skin in the immediate vicinity of the anus is pink anyway, but the colour had deepened to a much redder hue. A “rash ring” was also clearly evident in the mirror. This had already been detected by a digital sensational investigation, which also revealed a slightly raised area of skin around the “rash ring”.

Remedial practice involved using a swab of wet tissue paper to gently clean the area contained within the “rash ring”. Photos were taken to show the extent of the affected area. The ring can be clearly seen in the photo. [online edition note: you have to PM me to see the photo(s)]

The stinging sensation gradually subsided over the next few hours. Gentle stroking of the affected area provided good feelings and confirmed a return to a healthy, happy anus.

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