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I’m not sure I can say I actually like doing it, but I don’t exactly dislike it much either. The times that it’s happened have honestly been out of convenience or laziness. If I’m skiing I never stop to use the bathroom. Way too much of a hassle. I worked for a landscaping company in college and spent many hours a week mowing lawns. I wasn’t going to ask the homeowners to use their bathroom so if the urge got really bad I’d just squat down and pee in my shorts. I was so sweaty most of the time I doubt anyone ever noticed. I did shit my pants twice at that job, which wasn’t my ideal way to have a proper movement but where else was I going to go? It was a bit awkward once when right after I’d done it this really cool homeowner came out with lemonade and chatted me up for a good ten minutes. I just stood there smiling hoping he didn’t smell it on me. He left a pretty hefty tip that day so I’m guessing not. By the smell of some of the other dudes I worked with I know I wasn’t the only one taking the path of least resistance when it came to bathroom breaks. I remember giving my coworker Evan a ride home after a very grueling day and damn, that kid stank the hell out of my truck. Something funky going on in Evan’s pants that day. Not that I cared.

So yeah. There are times when it’s just easier I guess. It’s not something I take pride in, but I’m not going to go too far out of my way to avoid it in certain circumstances either.

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