2 Messy Orgasms

The other day I woke up so horny and all I could think about was how good it would feel to mess a diaper. I had a slight urge to go when I woke up and had the day to myself… Perfect. I put on a pot of coffee and watched some tv till my belly started to gurgle a little more. I went into my room and started getting ready. I put in one of my favorite porns, put a pad on the bed, got my baby wipes, blanket, and pacifier, then put on a diaper and a pair of corduroys (I like corduroy pants, prolly cuz it takes me back to being a kid) I sat at the computer for about an hour sucking my pacifier til my belly really started to hurt then I walked into my room, kicked off my slippers and crawled onto the bed. I laid there touching myself through the pants and diaper then slipping my hand into the front of my diaper to play with myself. I relaxed for a second and peed a little bit into my hand. I felt so dirty. Each minute I would get a cramp in my belly that would make me whimper like a baby. I’d put my hand on my diapered butt and push just a little bit to feel myself fart through my diaper, and I was leaving really stinky farts whenever I got a cramp too. It was getting closer to the point where I couldn’t hold it in anymore, but it felt amazing. I was so desperate to make a BM in my diaper. The next cramp I got was really bad. I sat up indian style and lifted my weight up off my butt to try to fart, but instead, I had an accident. I grabbed my belly and put my weight back down. Feeling the little bit of poop press against my anus, I laid back and slid my hand down the front of my pants into the diaper. I reached between my legs till two of my fingers were in the soft mess. I rubbed my messy ass hole for a few seconds before pulling my hand out of my diaper and wiping my fingers off with a baby wipe.  This was it. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. My face and entire body was tingling. Laying on my side I pushed a little out between my butt cheeks (which was effortless) and pushed on the diaper between my cheeks to smear it around a little. It wasn’t but a few seconds later I gave a good push and my BM exploded into the seat of the diaper. It was  pretty soft. I had my hand over my butt when I pushed and I could feel the back of my pants grow as the diaper filled. I was shaking from being so horny.  I rolled over onto my stomach and and pushed more. I went a little more in my diaper, but this time it was really really soft. I could feel it start to move down between my legs touching the back of my balls. That’s when I got up on my knees and bent forward sticking my butt up in the air, I push down on the back of my pants, pushing a lot of the mess to the front of the diaper. It totally engulfed my penis and was almost to the front I turned over and sat indian style in my messy diaper again. I just sat there and rubbed my hands between my legs, feeling the corduroy. I pushed some more as I sat there and peed into my mess. It felt sooo hot… Rocking back and fourth and in a circular motion smearing my BM everywhere in the diaper and my butt and that’s when I couldn’t control myself… I unzipped my pants and slid my hand down into my mess and started to masturbate. With my other hand I pulled the waistband of the diaper open and within a few seconds I came so hard, shooting my cum all over my shirt and some of it even hit me in the chin. Usually thats where it ends but this time I felt like I was going to cum again.I pulled my hand out of the diaper, which was completely covered in shit and I stuck it under my shirt and smeared it all over my belly. My other hand was rubbing my crotch vigorously until I came a second time, this time in my diaper.  I sat there out of breath for a few minutes squeezing the diaper between my legs making a squishing sound before going in the shower to clean up.It was such a good day!

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