2 Guys 1 Toilet

Ken and Jordan had just got back from Golden Corral. They had eaten everything, and were all gassy and a little bloated. They went back to Ken’s house. “Damn man I’m so full.” Jordan said. “Me too. I think I might be on the toilet all night.” Ken said. Jordan rub on his stomach. Jordan let out a hot steamy loud fart. “Ohh shit that felt good.” Jordan said. They both laughed. “Damn boy you stink!” Ken said. Ken decided it was his turn to release some pressure. So he let some big gas escape from his butt hole. “Damn that was a nice one.” Jordan said. “Looks like we’re bout to have some fun.” Ken said. “Hell yeah, wait hold on…” Ken said as a let out another whistling fart. “Watch this.” Jordan said releasing his toxic gas from his anus. The two were throwing big farts left and right. “So, you ready to take a shit?” Ken asked. “Hell yeah I’am!” Jordan said. “C’mon let’s go destroy my toilet then.” Ken said. They went off to the bathroom. “You can go first.” Jordan said. “Alright then.” Ken replied. Ken pulled down his underwear and took a seat on the toilet. “Hope your ready for this.” Ken said. “Oh I definitely am.” Jordan said. Ken drop so many turds at once it like a terrorist attack in his bathroom. “Oh my god that smells so fucking good!” Jordan said grabbing his dick. “I got more for you.” He said as he let his bowels blast into the toilet echoing all throughout the house. Ken had the whole bathroom filled with the aroma of his waste. “Can you wipe me?” Ken asked. “He’ll yeah, I can!” Jordan replied. Ken leaned forward for Jordan. Jordan got the tissue and wiped Ken’s ass. He even fingered it a little bit. “Ok it’s your turn.” Ken said getting off the toilet. They both looked at what Ken produced in the toilet bowl. “That’s nice, now let me add on to that.’ Jordan said. He pulled down his underwear and sat down. He unleashed his wonderful brown demons all into the toilet. “Damn man, that was awesome.” Ken said. Jordan released another pile of runny shit followed by a loud cracking fart at the end. “I feel so much better.” Jordan said. “Let me wipe you. Ken said. Jordan got up and bent over. But ken didn’t use toilet paper, he used his tongue and licked Jordan’s ass clean. “Mmmm we gotta go out to eat again.” Ken said. “Yeah we really do.” Jordan said. 

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