2 Fat men

James had been pooping his pants forever but his
dream is to find someone fat like him to share the
experince of pooping together, he wanted to smell
another’s shit as it fell into the pants…….finally he
got a e-mail from Mike saying he was 300 lbs. &
5 feet tall & was used to being teased, so his release
has been peeing & pooping himself. He also wished
to have someone to share it with, he couldn’t wait
to see someone else also fat standing with only
briefs on, he had visions of such a body, especially
the view of a fat ass incased in cotton. So he answered
Jame’s e-mail with much anticipation. James invited
Mike over for play…………Mike arrived and James was
overjoyed seeing him, checking out his body, the
jeans the tight t-shirt, the waddle, he started getting
hard just looking at Mike’s wide jiggly ass, but tried
to hide it as he lean over to fix drinks, knowing that
Mike was eyeing his ass. As they sat drinking James
thought he smelled a fart, while at the same time
he farted, to which Mike said: You smell nice, can I
smell your ass, as he brought James to his feet & pulled
his pants down, leaving him in a t-shirt & white briefs
with hair sticking out the leg holes, he knelt down &
put his face into James’ fat ass taking in the aroma of
shit, while running his hand between James’ legs to
feel his now hard cock, sticking a finger in James’ asshole
& smelling his finger, before sticking it in his mouth
making his cock stick out, he arose & pulled his jeans
off & his shirt standing in his large granny panty’s with
a still hard cock. James got down behind Mike returning
the favor by pushing his face between to fleshy cheeks,
taking in the odor, moving the panty aside & smelling
the moist hole, taking in the stink, he licked the hole
loving the pungent taste. Suddenly Mike cried out, it’s
to much I can’t take it, I’m going to pee as the yellow urine seeped out of his panties, just as the piss dribbled
to it’s end Mike said, James it’s coming, I gotta go as shit
started oozing out of his hole into his panty. James reached between Mike’s legs jerking his cock as Mike
continued shitting with James’ face still facing & licking
Mike’s shit filling panties which caused him to suddenly
soak his briefs & push his own load into his briefs. Still
having more to do both arose facing each other with
briefs & panty sagging, they both reached for the other’s
ass, to finger some shit which they both brought to their
noses, to sniff the lovely stink, taking a whole of each
others cocks, they jerked as they both unloaded the
last of their shit, as they listen to the crackling and farts,
they both came……….

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  1. I love it! Would love to hear more stories about these two, love chubby men!

  2. I am always really sad when big guys think that they can’t possibly be attractive just because of their size and to each one of them I don’t mind happily admitting that I have a massive thing for big guys and I don’t really think that they could ever be too big for me. By far the biggest of guys are always the best looking although I certainly wish that they would see it this way 😢🚼🚼🚼🚼

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