2 boys in pants

Now I’m fairly sure I met this super hot young twink (around 20) via here. We’ve only met twice in 2 years, and this is the first of those meetings….

We met via here, and then moved to WhattsApp. It was the first time really that someone my age or younger, who was also in London and who was actually serious about meeting. We chatted for ages and ages and I begun to think that it wasn’t going to happen in real life when one day, we both finally decided to set a date. Come hell or high water we were going to meet in real life.

So we had our date and time, it was a weekend, late afternoon so we could both like-in. The plan was that we would be on a toilet ban all day until we met. This sort of thing is always a struggle for me as I tend to need to the loo when I wake up, but guess trying to hold stuff all day is part of the fun anyway. We messaged throughout the day to make sure we were both still playing the game and that the plan hadn’t changed. It seemed like he too was struggling to keep it all in and we were both hard at the thought of the other one fighting to not fill our pants.

The time finally arrived so I got out the house to come and meet him at the tube station. This gave both us a chance to see if the other was secretly a 50yr old serial killer, and we were both very pleased when we saw one another. For once, pics were honest. It was hot meeting him off the tube knowing that we were both desperate for the loo and had to make it home. Thankfully it’s only a 5 min walk away. Even so he did say “IDK if I can make it…” which of course both us knew was super hot haha.

Back in the room we lay next to each other on the bed and talked for a bit. It was sort of awkward once we were there in real life, knowing that we both liked shitting our pants and that hardly anyone knew about it. We swapped stories of how we started out, what stuff we’d done before like this and found we were pretty similar which was great. Then we found ourselves inching nearer and started to make out. I’m not a big fan of kissing, but he was super cute, more kissing, clothes started coming off until we were both just in our tight boxers, on our knees on the bed.

We were both rock hard, between the kisses one of us finally said “who’s going to go first?” I said he should go first as he was the guest haha. So, we carried on kissing, my had reaching round his small bum as he started to push. He didn’t lie about needing to go, it didn’t take much before there was a slight crackle and me hand could feel the hard shit coming out of his tight ass, and filling his boxers. It wasn’t loads but it made a satisfying lump in his pants which I could feel the warmth from.

Now I really hard to go to, he wanted to watch me do it so he laid back, still in his dirty pants and I turned my back to him while on my knees. A little push later and I too was filling my boxers. Judging by how hard he was the whole time I think he enjoyed the little show.

We then made out some more, both in our dirty pants until finally we had to wank each other and come over our abs. Once we’d done that, it finally hit me that the bathroom was on the floor above, we were on the ground floor… and I had housemates. How to clean up?!

So we took it in turns, wrapped in the bathrobe we each had to waddle through the kitchen and up the stairs, hoping not to pass anyone, clean up and then come back down naked in the robe with the pants in plastic bags.

After that, he went home commando (that was hot AF) and I had to find a local bin to cast off the evidence. So hot, but would be nearly 18 months until we’d meet again….

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