2 boys 1 cubicle

After getting a new phone a month or so ago I decided it was about time to get Grindr on it, although with it being a Windows Phone I couldn’t get Grindr and so got Meet’M which is actually better! Anyway, I’d only had It up and running for the night when I got another message from a guy saying “hi” so tbh I sort of just ignored it. The next message that followed though deffo caught my attention, “Do you happen to know a website called WPB?” Well we got to talking and discovered that he was a bit of a fan of my stories and that also happened to be just a few miles away and had a car… well despite not the best weather we decided we should have a face-to-face.

So the pair of us had been drinking up and he picked my up outside my Dads house (he thought I was meeting a un friend for a drink) which sort of wasn’t too far from the truth in the end 😉 So I got in the car and we got talking. It was so nice to be talking someone my sort of age who is into this stuff too!!

So we drove the nearest public loos, scouted them out and then when for a little drive around to get us a bit more desperate. When we got back he certainly was bursting and I certainly needed to go. We headed to the men’s loos to discover the only cubicle’s door was broken, so we sneaked into the women’s. He was very nice and had bought a change of pants and jeans for me to change into as I didn’t have any and he did the same….

Then we got up close and started kissing and running our hands over one another. Naturally, there was quite a bit of groping going on and almost right away I could feel the warm stream of piss on my hand that was spreading from his dick. I had become super hard and so was finding it hard to pee, so I said “I can’t pee without pushing and then I might poo myself” of course he said “I don’t mind lol.” (TBH it’s quite nice for me as a bottom to not have to worrying about being too clean for change!) So I pushed a bit and some pee and poo came out to fill the briefs he had given me. As my pee was a little less forthcoming than his, I took off my top and he peed more on me and then bent me over and peed on and in my ass. TBH it turned into a little bit of an enema which was unexpected but felt great! I then knelt town to give him a BJ where I suddenly felt a lots of warm liquid filling and he carried on peeing in my mouth as I sucked him off. It was a first for me and I liked it 😉

Just as he was in me again for a bit more peeing inside we heard footsteps leaving the toilets!! OMG we both realised that someone must have heard two guys in the loos and gone off… needless to say we cleaned up best we could and sheepishly escaped and got back in the car in our wet clothes for a quick getaway. We dashed off into the night long the country lanes where eventually we found a place to stop as I was bursting. We both finished peeing outside and the got back in the car for some good old fashioned BJs and hand jobs until he came loads and so did I.

Not a bad way to while away an couple of hours and I hope there will be another chance to do the same with this guy… or another 😉

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  2. I am sure he will be back for more. Although I would avoid public toilets in future. Find some woods or bushes where you are less likely to attract attention.

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  4. And his girlfriend back to school today, went to school only to find that physics homework there are several didn’t finish writing, desperately trying to fill, but the time is too fast, one to fill the head teacher came, send us to write a set of examination paper, after an hour, I feel to can not contain any more, but at that time, the teacher in charge is absent, and I can only, etc…
    After two hours, my JJ is hard, crotch obviously raised a large. Seen by my girlfriend, she was there to help me to find a way to, I tried covering her crotch, no mood to write papers, is full of urine flowing through my crotch, I write novels written before a full bladder, I finally realized this kind of feeling, not anymore.
    Very not easy to stick to a winding, I’m just going to sit bus to go home, but today a traffic light is broken, even I have to walk home, due to suppress too long, I can only walk bent, my girlfriend also tried to help me through.
    Go to a no one lane, my girlfriend let me pee here, but my belt was broken, how to solve solution doesn’t open, also at this time, I finally piss. 555, shame, that I didn’t go home in the morning, the night being seen much shame

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