I remember when I was thirteen for some reason wetting and sex just went naturally together. Of course I was really adventurous back then and not afraid to try new things. More of those stories will come later. I remember one particular time I was at my best friend’s house. He was maybe 3 to 5 years younger than me. We were playing old school video games. He was wearing white pants. They were really tight and I could see the outline of his underwear. (Note he remembers this event differently which is really great. He thinks he just held his pee too long.) For some reason I was telling him about masturbation and how awesome it felt to hump things. I also mentioned how great it felt to wet myself. He suddenly tells me he has to pee. The little devil on my shoulder gives me a brilliant idea. I make a deal with him to wait to hold his pee until I beat the boss on the video   game.  He eagerly agrees. I purposely take my time. He is squirming and holding himself. He tells me he really needs to pee. Then he asks me what do I tell my grandparents when they see my wet pants? I tell him just tell them I sprayed you with the hose. Once again he agrees. Eventually I beat the boss. Of course by this time he really needs to pee. We agree that we will walk to my house and he will pee outside in the front yard. While we are walking he is grabbing himself and struggling to walk the short trip to my house. When we get to my house he can barely walk or even stand. He suddenly stands with his legs apart and I watch with complete enjoyment as his pants become completely see through, The spot slowly becomes a small dot on the front of his pants. He tells me he is really nervous, but since he needs to pee he cannot control it. I watch as it goes from quarter size to completely soaking the front of his pants. The puddle on the ground was huge. The bets part was I could see his underwear and the outline of his dick. After wetting his pants he insists on going home and changing his pants. We both walk back to his grandparents house. His grandfather asks what happened to your pants? They believed that he got sprayed by the hose. He doesn’t even change his pants. I have always wondered if he enjoyed it. Sure wish I had another best friend that enjoyed wetting themselves. 

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