12/21/14 Toilet Slavery Journal

I woke up feeling refreshed after my young, cute slut slave got filthy with Goddess last night. I was holding my shit from Thursday-Sunday to fill my sexy sheer white panties. By Sunday morning, I was feeling so much pressure, it was definitely time for my slut to worship my full ass. I was so horny holding my shit for days for my servant to worship with me. I arrived with my ass and bladder full wearing tight black top and pants with black boots. My servant had the lights all off when he first came in my presence. I wanted to be able to see my young slut since it was the first time serving in my presence. After taking off all of my clothes except my sexy fullbacks, I ask my shit slut to take a few pictures of his Goddess laying on the bed. I told my slut to lick my ass and to feel my precious shit with his fingers. He did a good job licking my ass and getting Goddess hot! I took off my panties, but kept them close so I could put then back on quickly before I pooped in them. I needed my big full ass loosing up. I wanted my young slut to first feel my Goddess ass, so I sat on his hard cock. As I began riding his cock, my Goddess shit aroma began filling the air. I enjoyed having my shit slut inhale my powerful scents. I wanted my dirty ass licked more, so I stopped riding my his cock to have him eat my asshole. I told my ass slut to fuck my ass. I bent over so he could fuck my Goddess ass doggystyle. My slave boy’s cock felt good in my ass, but it was time to pur back on my panties and go to the bathroom. I bend over in front of my slut laying in the bathtub, I pushed out the big load that I had been saving for him in my panties. It was such a sexy hot time having my shit slut getting messy as I pooped in my panties. He stroked his hard cock with my nectar and chocolate getting his cock so dark with my Goddess shit! I stroked his shitty cock, but Goddess wanted more. I needed my ass filled up again with my sluts cock since it felt so good unloading onto him. We got all cleaned up, but my Goddess aroma was filling the room. I had my slut fuck my ass more and cum hard in my big ass. My young shit slut pleased and energized his Goddess!

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