💩 Zoom Poop 💩

One of the few upsides of the pandemic ( for myself ) was the move to remote interactions. Not being much of a people person, this suited me quite well.

My work and university had shifted to a remote basis, and I found myself attending daily zoom meetings. Most of these meetings did not require me to have my microphone on, and this particular meeting was a work wide mandatory infection control presentation. Nothing I had to pay much attention to, seeing as we held these weekly, and it was usually one woman from human resources presenting, with an optional time for questions.

As usual, I joined the meeting promptly at 8 am, my microphone muted, video available. I was dressed in my running gear, as I was planning to walk the dog after. Tight leggings, and my track jacket. There were plenty of other bored-looking employees.

A few minutes into the meeting my stomach gurgled. I sat upright on my desk stool and rubbed my stomach out of view of my camera. I let out a silent fart and felt my morning poop brewing up a storm. I briefly considered leaving the meet, but we were paid for attendance so I remained seated. I let out a muffled fart and adjusted myself so my butt was hanging slightly off the stool I use as a desk chair. Another fart slipped between my unclenched cheeks, as I pretended to focus on the meeting. My stomach cramped and I weighed my options. Hold till the end of the meeting, or fill my panties where I sat.

I let out another fart, and my mind was made. Pushing slightly, a warm, soft poop, the size of a baseball filled my clothing, with a muffled fart to signify the end of my load.

I waited patiently for the meeting to conclude, my load settled nicely into my full-cut panties. As soon as the meeting was done, I closed my laptop and stood up, feeling the weight of my load sag down my panties.

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  1. I love when I’m on the toilet and a zoom call I need to be on I just pop on for a second and say “I’m on the toilet” or something and I’ll join again whenever I’m finished lol.

  2. love your story – I’ve often wanked while “on call” working from home (inc watching some fairly filthy scat porn) it does add a nice little extra dimension to your day!

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