Mona grunted as she squeezed herself into the small, mall food court booth. She pulled the tray of fast food closer to her, and barely removed the wrapper as she devoured her meal of various mall foods. A six-inch subway sandwich, three Doritos tacos from Taco Bell, a quarter pounder and large fry from McDonald’s, and a medium box of orange chicken from Panda Express. Mona was an eater, she loved food, and the comfort it brought her. She did not seem to mind the weight she had gained over the year either. Happily admiring her 350LBS body packed into her 5’2 frame. She held a lot of her weight in her hips, thighs, and butt, which pleaded her greatly.

Her stomach gurgled as she dropped the last wrapper back on the tray, only crumbs of her meal remaining. From her purse, she pulled a small bottle, and took two sips, before hesitating and taking a third. Fast Acting Laxatives, hopefully, she would feel the effect as she reached her home in a few hours. The mall food she ate last week had left her constipated, so this time around she tried the laxative approach.

Mona was sweating, profusely as she shifted in the driver’s seat of her car, cursing the traffic. Her apartment was an hour away, but with the traffic delays, it might take nearly two to arrive there. Her stomach had grown uneasy, and she removed her seat belt to help alleviate the pressure. ‘Fuck.’ She swore to herself, as farted into the seat. A short, bubbly fart that burst from her clenched asshole and quickly engulfed the car. Had she been at home, she might have savored the gas but in the confines of her car, she grew panicked. Her stomach bubbled, and she sighed, realizing to relieve the pressure she would need to fart.

She let out a low rumbling fart, which left her feeling, different. Mona enjoyed farting more than most, and despite her panic, she could not help but feel turned on. She clenched her legs together, attempting to regain her composure as another wave of pressure passed over her.

Another fart, this one far more sloppy and wet than the previous burst out of her, and she bit her lip. She was disgusted, panicked, and turned on. She finger drifted to her lower region and she began to massage herself over the fabric, straining to let out another rippling fart. ‘I am so disgusting.’ She giggled, as she let out another strenuous fart, this one incredibly wet. She considered her options and realized that more than anything she wanted to relax into her seat and let the wave of sloppy farts rumble out of her, and fill her full cut underwear and tight jeans with mushy poop.

Glancing around, she shifted in her car seat and leaned forward a bit, straining yet again to let out a fart. The sound of a wet gurgle and crackle filled the car as a small semi-solid log began to flower out of her asshole. She moaned, her cheeks flushing as she brought herself closer to an orgasm. ‘I am going to ruin these pants.’ She thought as she pushed. She let out a sound that was a mix of a grunt, and a moan as a steady stream of mushy poop-filled her underwear. As traffic lurched toward her plump ass collided with the seat, the poop spreading throughout her jeans as she came. She sat, catching her breath for several seconds as a second wave, of what was essentially diarrhea spread through the mess.

‘God damn, I may have to make this a regular thing.’

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