— This story is fictional, no characters are meant to represent people! —

It was a fairly cold November morning as Claire stepped out onto the sidewalk in front of her dorm, pulling her coat over her face. Her stomach gurgled, audibly, but the sound of the wind concealed it well. She was running late for her morning class, Introduction To Politics, a long and boring class that she didn’t much care for. She was in the direct center of the room, in the middle of the row, surrounded by students she did not know much about. She kept to herself and was fairly reclusive.

As the class began, her stomach grumbled, and she shifted in her seat hoping those around her could not notice her discomfort. She felt a familiar pressure, gas built up, and she felt a sharp pain as she tried to hold it back. A soft, airy fart pressed through her clenched asshole, causing the young woman to blush.

A few students glanced around at the rancid smell, and she hid her face in her hands as another large fart built up. As she shifted her plump bottom yet again, another fart slipped out, this one a bit more of an eruption. Audible, bubbly, and smelly. She gasped as what felt like the entire class turned to her, their eyes burning holes in the embarrassed young woman.

She had been constipated for the last few days and took what she believed to be a slower acting laxative. something that would take effect in six to four hours, not the two since she had taken it.

The class seemed to turn it’s attention back to the lecture but was quickly punctured by another bubbling pop from the young woman. She stood, drawing more attention to herself, and grabbed her belongings, trying to push her way through the row. She was heavyset and had to wait for others to move their chairs as another fart made it’s through her clenched ass.

She was in tears as she pushed open the double doors, and sprinted towards the exit of the building. Claire didn’t care much for public restrooms and hoped to run back to her dorm which was mostly empty at this time of day. Tears streamed down her face as the pressure of a large mass caused her to stop, attempting to gather herself before walking carefully but as quickly as possible to the exit.

She was outside, holding her large butt as she made her way down a flight of stairs. The dorms weren’t far, but for the large woman desperate to poop it felt like miles. She crossed a field, feeling herself beginning to turtlehead, praying she might let the mess out in a toilet.

As she reached the dorm parking lot, the thought of being fairly close to relief must have overtaken her asshole. It flowed open, and a large log of solid poop began to fill her tight panties and leggings.

It felt amazing, but Claire had no time to savor the feeling as she went bright red. She waddled through the parking lot, managing to pinch off her load as she scanned her school ID and made her way to the elevator.

By the time she reached her door, the first log of poop had created a visible bulge in her jeans.

She slammed her door, and a flood gate opened. A large wet patch spreading across her pants and forming a puddle on the floor. Her asshole stretched around another large log, and she stood, frozen in fear and embarrassment as she felt it exit her.

She could see the bulge grow as she glanced at the mirror propped up against her wall.

She had to admit, the relief was nice, as she cupped the bulge with her right hand. The warm load pressed against her. Had it not been in such an untimely location, she might have savored this feeling.

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  1. Very nice. I’ve always fantasized about a woman with a big butt pooping in tight pants.

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